Province of New East Prussia
Provinz Neuostpreußen
Province of Kingdom of Prussia
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New East Prussia in 1806
• 1806
55,000 km2 (21,000 sq mi)
• 1806
24 October 1795
9 July 1807
Political subdivisionsBialystok
Preceded by
Succeeded by
POL województwo mazowieckie IRP COA.svg
Masovian Voivodeship (1526–1795)
POL województwo podlaskie IRP COA.svg
Podlaskie Voivodeship (1513–1795)
Trakai district COA.gif
Trakai Voivodeship
Duchy of Warsaw
Russian Empire

New East Prussia (German: Neuostpreußen; Polish: Prusy Nowowschodnie; Lithuanian: Naujieji Rytprūsiai) was a province of the Kingdom of Prussia from 1795 to 1807. It was created out of territory annexed in the Third Partition of Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth and included parts of Masovia, Podlaskie, Trakai voivodeship and Žemaitija. In 1806 it had 914,610 inhabitants with a territory of less than 55,000 km², mainly Poles, Lithuanians, Jews and Belarusians.


New East Prussia encompassed territory between East Prussia and the Vistula, Bug River, and Neman rivers.

1807 Treaties of Tilsit

Following Napoleon Bonaparte's victory in the War of the Fourth Coalition and the Greater Poland Uprising of 1806 the Province of New East Prussia was ceded according to the 1807 Treaties of Tilsit:

Administrative divisions

New East Prussia (Neuostpreußen) and the Departments of Płozk and Bialystok, 1801–1807
New East Prussia (Neuostpreußen) and the Departments of Płozk and Bialystok, 1801–1807

New East Prussia was divided into the Kammerdepartements Bialystok and Płock which were divided into the following counties (Kreise):