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New Silesia
Neuschlesien (de)
Nowy Śląsk (pl)
Province of Prussia

New Silesia among the Polish territories annexed by Prussia in the Third Partition (light blue)
CapitalSiewierz (Sewerien)
24 October 1795
9 July 1807
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Duchy of Siewierz
Kraków Voivodeship Kraków Voivodeship (14th century – 1795)
Duchy of Warsaw Flag of the Duchy of Warsaw.svg

New Silesia (German: Neuschlesien or Neu-Schlesien) was a small province of the Kingdom of Prussia from 1795 to 1807, created after the Third Partition of Poland. It was located northwest of Kraków and southeast of Częstochowa, in the lands that had been part of the Duchy of Siewierz and the adjacent Polish historical province of Lesser Poland (the Kraków Voivodeship), including the towns of Żarki, Pilica, Będzin, and Sławków.

New Silesia had its capital at Siewierz. However, it was originally to be governed by the Silesian capital Breslau (Wrocław) and later largely administered by South Prussia. After the defeat of Prussia in the War of the Fourth Coalition in 1806, the province was dissolved and the territory was made part of the Napoleonic Duchy of Warsaw in the Treaties of Tilsit of 1807.

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