Owner(s)News Media Corporation
HeadquartersUnited States;

The News-Times is a bi-weekly newspaper published in Newport, Oregon, United States. It was established in the 1880s and is owned by the News Media Corporation.[1] The News-Times is published on Wednesdays and Fridays has a circulation of 6,061.[1] It is the newspaper of record for Lincoln County.[2]


At least 20 different newspapers have been published in the Lincoln County area.[3] The county's first newspaper was the Yaquina Post, established in 1882 and published in Yaquina City by Collins Van Cleve.[3] In 1889, Van Cleve was also publishing the Scio Press out of Yaquina City.[3] One of the papers, founded in 1886, was called the Newport News, but it was short-lived.[4]

Various newspapers started and closed until 1893, when, in the same year Lincoln County was officially established from part of Benton County, two newspapers were started: the Yaquina Bay News out of Newport, and the Lincoln County Leader out of Toledo.[3] The Yaquina Bay News became known as the Newport News by the 1960s, after many ownership and name changes and mergers.[3] At this time the Newport News bought out the Lincoln County Times of Waldport, the two names were combined to form the News-Times.[3] The News-Times bought the Lincoln County Leader about a year later.[3] The paper is currently owned by News Media Corporation, who purchased it from Lee Enterprises in 2007.[5]


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