Byzantine emperor
Solidus Artabasdos Nikephoros (reverse).jpg
Solidus of Nikephoros, wearing crown and chlamys, and holding patriarchal cross
Junior Emperor
(with Artabasdos)
ReignJune 741/742–2 November 743
Overthrown byConstantine V

Nikephoros was junior Byzantine Emperor from 741 to 2 November 743. He was crowned after his father, Artabasdos (r.  741–743) usurped Emperor Constantine V (r.  741–775). Constantine seized power again on 2 November 743, and Nikephoros, Artabasdos, and Niketas were blinded and confined in the Chora Church.


Nikephoros was made strategos of Thrace by his father Artabasdos soon after he usurped the throne from Byzantine Emperor Constantine V, in June/July of 741.[1] He was elevated to junior co-emperor at some point in 741.[2][3]

After Constantine defeated Artabasdos on 2 November 743, he had Artabasdos, Nikephoros, and Niketas humiliated in the Hippodrome of Constantinople before being blinded and confined in the Chora Church.[4][5]