Nina Needs to Go! is an animated series of shorts that aired on Disney Junior, beginning in February 2014. Each short is approximately three minutes long. The series is targeted at preschoolers. It is produced by Bristol-based animation studio ArthurCox.[1] The show is written by Bradley Zweig.[2]


The titular 4-year-old Nina goes to a variety of settings, like the zoo and the beach. In each location, Nina finds she "needs to go" to the bathroom after becoming too engrossed in play, and the mission is to get her there before it is too late.

The scenario is familiar to parents of toddlers the world over and inspired by real life. Sarah Cox, Creative Director and CEO of ArthurCox has explained: "Nina Needs To Go is based on my real experiences with my daughter. Dramatic car journeys, missed trains and a back track through the whole of the Alhambra in Spain in search of a bathroom are real situations that have inspired each episode. A fabulous creative team has helped us create action-packed 'race against time' scenarios to excite and amuse a family audience."[1]



The episodes are:[3]

  1. "Train" – Nina needs to use the bathroom on a train. Trouble ensues when the train is crowded.
  2. "Snow" – Nina insists that she does not have to use the bathroom until she and her mother are on a ski lift.
  3. "Mall" – Nina needs to use the bathroom while buying a dress at the mall.
  4. "Play" – Nina must use the bathroom while dressed as a rock for a play.
  5. "Water Park" – Frank tries to help Nina find a bathroom at a water park.
  6. "Beach" – Nina suddenly has to use the bathroom while building sand castles at the beach.
  7. "DIY" – Nina has to go to the bathroom while visiting a hardware store with her father.
  8. "Zoo" – Nina needs to use the bathroom while at the zoo.
  9. "Camping" – Nina does not want to use the bathroom in the woods, however, there are no bathrooms in the woods.
  10. "Tower" – Nina has to go to the bathroom on a trip to the Tower of London.
  11. "County Fair" – Frank tries to help Nina find a bathroom during a three-legged race.
  12. "Parade" – Nina needs to use the bathroom while being dressed as a mermaid on a parade float.
  13. "Wedding" – Nina attempts to use the bathroom during Aunt Gladys' wedding.
  14. "Traffic" – Nina has to use the bathroom while her family gets stuck in traffic en route to Aunt Gladys' trailer.
  15. "Library" – Nina has to use the bathroom while being read a story about a knight during story time.
  16. "To Sleep" – Nina is unable to go to sleep.
  17. "On a Playdate" – Nina goes on a playdate with Amber.
  18. "To the Museum" – Nina gets lost in a museum.
  19. "To a Fancy Restaurant" – Nina's meatball falls off of her plate.
  20. "To Preschool" – Nina is scared to go to preschool.


The reviewer at From Meredith to Mommy disliked the show immensely, stating that the show causes their children to often pee their pants after trying to imitate the show.[4]


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