Place of originFrance
Main ingredientsHoney
Ingredients generally usedOrange marmalade
Cut nonnette
Cut nonnette

The Nonnette is a French pastry, translating literally to "little nuns". It is a small gingerbread cake made of honey, rye flour, and usually filled with orange marmalade or honey. It is also typically glazed with a mixtures of egg whites, sugar, and lemon juice, and is frequently served during Christmastime.[1]

Nonnettes tend to have a sticky, moist texture due to their glaze and a spicy taste due to a combination of cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice.


Nonnettes were originally prepared in Dijon, France.[2] Early records show that they were first created by nuns in the abbey during the Middle Ages, thus leading to their namesake.[3] They were popularized by Mulot & Petitjean, a baking company established in Dijon in 1796, who began packaging and selling nonnettes to the general public.[4]


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