Noorpur Ki Rani
Written bySamira Fazal
Directed byHaissam Hussain
StarringMahnoor Baloch
Sanam Baloch
Noman Ijaz
Samina Peerzada
Naila Jaffri
Qavi Khan
Ayesha Gul
Azfar Rehman
Country of originPakistan
Original languageUrdu
No. of episodes23
Executive producerMomina Duraid
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running timeApprox. 45–50 minutes
Original release
NetworkHum TV
Release25 April (2009-04-25) –
3 October 2009 (2009-10-03)

Noorpur Ki Rani (Urdu: نورپو ر کی رانی) is a Pakistani television series which was broadcast on Hum TV from 25 April 2009 to on 3 October 2009. Written by Pakistani author and screenwriter Samira Fazal, and directed by Haissam Hussain, Noorpur Ki Rani was based on the English novel Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier. The series stars Sanam Baloch, Nauman Ijaz and Mahnoor Baloch. The plot revolves around an orphan girl and her journey to become the princess of Noorpur for which she dreamed so long.[1][2]

At the 9th Lux Style Awards, Baloch received Best TV Actress - Satellite nomination for her performance. Noorpur Ki Rani was also broadcast in India on the channel Zindagi beginning 13 July 2014,[3] and was also released on ZEE5.[1]



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The story revolves around Noorulain Aneez, often referred to as Noorie, who is an orphan. After the death of her parents, she stays with her uncle (father's brother), who, after some time, dies too. Bano, Noorie's uncle's wife wants to get rid of her and leaves her in an orphanage, despite the refusal of the orphanage owner, as there is no space for any new child. Noorie stays at the orphanage for some days. An old man and his daughter want to adopt a male child and educate him so that he can handle their business. They ask their family friend to arrange some male children for them. The neighbor calls the orphanage owner, asking for a male child. She refuses and says there is no male child. When he insists on searching for a male child, the servant at the orphanage asks her to send Noorie, as she wants to get rid of her, as Noorie is a very talkative and notorious girl. The servant takes Noorie to the other city where the old man Tahir lives, leaves her at the station, and runs away. Tahir's daughter Shahida is shocked to see a girl, as she wanted a boy to adopt. Despite her father's advice on keeping Noorie, she sends her to Mr. Akbar. Akbar has a very bad nature; she always keeps shouting at everyone. He has a very spoiled daughter, Sonia. At a night, Mr. Akbar tries to harass Noorie, and his wife catches him by chance. She blames Noorie for that. Mrs. Akbar scolds Noorie and threats her to send her back to the orphanage the next morning. Noorie runs away from the home after everyone sleeps and meets an accident with a car belonging to the Tahir. Tahir brings Noorir back to his house, and he finally convinces Shahida to stay Noorie with them. They trust on Noorie despite Mrs. Akbar's false accusations. Noorie faces lots of problems at her school, as Sonia happens to be her classmate and Noorie doesn't understand English. After completing her 10th grade, she plans on getting admission to a nearby college, and their adopted parents want to send her abroad. Tahir and Shahida have an accident and are dead, leaving Noorie an orphan again. After their death, Nofil, Noorie's class fellow who loves her, decides to marry her but Hareem's mother refrains them to do so. Nofil then brings her to his house where she lives with his parents.

Rania, a good-hearted princess of Noorpur, wants a romantic life with her husband Salar, who doesn't care about her as he thinks that she has everything a woman can wish for. Princess Rania has wealth, leadership, and respect, except for the love of her husband. After the fights and hatred, her husband locks her in a room. She flees with the help of her maid Anna and is killed in a car accident.

In Nofil's house, Salar comes across Noorie and likes her for her simplicity and marries her. After which she becomes Princess Noorulain of Noorpur. But Anna cannot bear her taking Rania's place and wants to get rid of her. She tells her that how Rania has suffered a lot in this mansion due to Salar and now it is her turn. She tires to make her lookalike Rania, so that Salar remembers Rania and hates her. Noorulain starts hating Salar but comes to know the truth when Salar gives her Ranai's diary. It reveals on her that Rania hates Salar and doesn't lose a single chance to make his life miserable. After clearance of misunderstandings between them, Anna now decides to avenge her by assaulting her. He calls Rania's cousin for this purpose in the absence of Salar. She somehow manages to save herself and Salar comes there on time and saves her.


Year Award Category Nominee Result Ref.
2010 Lux Style Awards Best TV Actress - Satellite Sanam Baloch Nominated [6]


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