Nordic Combined Events Championships
SportCombined track and field events
CountryFinland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland

The Nordic Combined Events Championships (Norwegian: Nordisk mesterskap i mangekamp) was an annual two-day competition in combined track and field events between athletes from the Nordic countries organised by Nordic Athletics. Established in 1949 as a biennial event, it lasted for ten editions before holding the last competition in 1970. Men competed in the decathlon and women competed in the pentathlon. The competition was hosted alongside the Nordic Marathon Championships. The stand-alone event was merged into the main Nordic Athletics Championships competition from 1961 to 1965.[1]

A junior category was incorporated into the 1969 championships and when the senior event was cancelled, the junior event was established in its own right as the annual Nordic Junior Combined Events Championships.[2]

Separate from this competition, a Nordic Pentathlon Championship was also contested as part of the Nordic Women's Cup in 1976.[1]


Edition Year City Country Date No. of athletes No. of nations
1st 1949 Stockholm Sweden 9–10 September
2nd 1951 Tampere Finland 2–3 August
3rd 1953 Oslo Norway 5–6 September
4th 1955 Copenhagen Denmark 3–4 September
5th 1957 Gothenburg Sweden 21–22 September
6th 1959 Pori Finland 29–30 August
7th 1961 Oslo Norway 31 July–2 August
8th 1963 Gothenburg Sweden 21–22 September
9th 1965 Helsinki Finland 15–16 August
10th 1967 Copenhagen Denmark 16–17 September
11th 1968 Reykjavík Iceland 6–7 July
12th 1969 Kongsvinger Norway 28–29 June
13th 1970 Sollentuna Sweden 28–29 August


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