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Nordic Freedom
Swedish: Nordisk frihet
Finnish: Vapaa Pohjola
Danish: Nordisk frihed
Norwegian: Nordisk frihet
Icelandic: Norrænt frelsi
PresidentSweden Aron Emilsson
General SecretaryDenmark Karsten Lorentzen
FoundedSpring 2012 (2012)
HeadquartersChristiansborg, DK-1240 København K
Right-wing populism
Political positionRight-wing
European affiliationECR
European Parliament groupECR, ID
Colours  Black
  Dark purple
Nordic Council
8 / 87

Nordic Freedom (Swedish: Nordisk frihet, Danish: Nordisk frihed) is a right-wing populist[citation needed] party group on the Nordic Council.


The member organizations of the Nordic Freedom are:[1]

Country National party National MPs MEPs Status
# of seats Last election # of seats Last election # of seats Last election
 Denmark Danish People's Party
(Dansk Folkeparti)
37 / 175
16 / 175
1 / 14
2019 Opposition
 Finland Finns Party
38 / 200
39 / 200
2 / 14
 Sweden Sweden Democrats
49 / 349
62 / 349
3 / 20

Only the Sweden Democrats are a member of a European party (Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists in Europe). In the European Parliament, the MEPs of the True Finns and the Danish People's Party are part of the Identity and Democracy parliamentary group, whilst the MEPs of the Sweden Democrats are member of the European Conservatives and Reformists group.

Elected representatives of Member Parties

European institutions

Organisation Institution Number of seats
 European Union European Commission
0 / 28
European Council
(Heads of Government)
0 / 28
Council of the European Union
(Participation in Government)
0 / 28
European Parliament
6 / 751