Norman Loves Rose
Norman Loves Rose film poster.jpg
Directed byHenri Safran
Written byHenri Safran
Produced byHenri Safran
StarringCarol Kane
Tony Owen
Myra De Groot
David Downer
Barry Otto
Warren Mitchell
Virginia Hey
Louise Pajo
CinematographyVince Monton
Music byMike Perjanik
Norman Films
Distributed byGreater Union
Release date
17 September 1982
Running time
98 minutes
BudgetA$1.3 million[1]

Norman Loves Rose is a 1982 Australian comedy film.[2]

Plot summary

A 13-year-old Jewish boy (Norman) develops an obsession for his older brother's wife (Rose), who is under parental pressure to start a family. The hapless dentist brother is not up to the job, and ditsy Rose encourages Norman's infatuation. While it is never made explicit how it came about, Rose eventually does become pregnant, to the satisfaction of the various interested parties.[3]



Henri Safran had been looking for a comedy script to direct, and being unable to find one he was happy with, he decided to write one himself.[4]


Sandra Hall in The Bulletin said, "the comedy relies on a certain amount of obtuseness, literal mindedness, double-takes and talking at cross-purposes. The characters are there to be laughed at, not with, and to that end much over-acting is done. Nobody turns out to be particularly likeable."[5]


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