Northeast Transportation Company Inc.
CTtransit NET A44 and A39.jpg
CTtransit New Flyer XDE35 A44 and A39 in Downtown Waterbury
Headquarters761 Frost Bridge Road, Watertown, Connecticut
Service areaWaterbury, Naugatuck, Torrington, Meriden, and Wallingford
Service typeLocal bus service
Daily ridership6,782 (2006 weekday); 3,023 (2006 Saturday) [1]
Chief executiveBarbara Kalosky

The Northeast Transportation Company is the operator of local bus service in the cities of Waterbury, Naugatuck, Meriden, and Wallingford,[2][3] operating under contract to Connecticut Transit.

Waterbury routes

All routes originate from the Waterbury Green (Unless otherwise noted) and operate 365 days a year, including major holidays.[4]

Route Streets Terminus
928 Hartford Express via Southington & Cheshire 928: Hartford Express via Southington & Cheshire
229 (former Route J4) New Haven 229: Downtown New Haven via Whitney Ave
229X: Downtown New Haven via I-91 (Sunday Only)
411 (Formerly Route 11) Willow Street Farmington Avenue
Calumet Street
412 (Formerly Route 12) (weekdays only) Hill Street White Street
Cooke Street
413 (Formerly Route 13) Cooke Street/Sunnyside Avenue Oakville
Falls Terrace
416 (Formerly Routes 15 & 16)
  • 416F: Serves Only Farmcrest Drive
  • 416M: Serves Only Montoe Road
North Main Street
Bucks Hill
  • Farm Crest
  • Montoe Road
417 (Formerly T17) Thomaston Avenue
  • Waterville DMV
418 (Formerly Route 18) North Main Street
East Farm Street
Long Hill Road
Berkeley Avenue
  • Operates in conjunction with Route 421 on weekday & Saturday nights
421 (Formerly Route 20) Wall Street Oak Street
Halohan Avenue
  • Operates in conjunction with Route 418 on weekday & Saturday nights
422 (Formerly Route 22) East Main Street
Wolcott Street
Sharon Road
Woodtick Road
425 (Formerly Route 25) East Main Street
Meriden Road
Meriden Road
East Street
426 (Formerly Routes 26 & 27)

426F: Fairlawn 426M: Meriline Drive

East Main Street
  • Operates in conjunction with Route 428 on Weekends
  • Fairlawn
  • Meriline Drive
428 (Formerly Route 28)

428X: Waterbury NEJ (Formerly Route T128)

East Main Street
Reidville Drive (weekdays only)
Scott Road (outbound only)
Austin Road
East Main Street
431 (Formerly Route 31) (weekdays only) Hamilton Avenue
Prospect Road
East Mountain Golf Course
432 (Formerly Route 32) (weekdays only) Sylvan Avenue Pearl Lake Road
Tracy Avenue
433 (Formerly Route 33) (weekdays only) Baldwin Street Meadowbrook Drive
Brookview Avenue
436 (Formerly Routes 35 & 36) Bank Street
Congress Avenue
Highland Avenue
Rosario Drive
441 (Formerly Route 40) Highland Avenue Highland Avenue
Wilkenda Avenue
442 (Formerly Route 42) West Main Street
Chase Parkway
Middlebury Road (limited service)

Yale Avenue
Middlebury Road Judd's Corner

Chase Parkway
Lakeside Boulevard East
444 (Formerly Route 44) West Main Street
Bunker Hill Avenue
Oakville Avenue and Whitewood Road
445 (Formerly Route 45) Watertown Avenue
Main Street
North Street and DeForest Street
446X (Formerly Route T49) Watertown Avenue
Buckingham Street
Watertown Industrial Park
Calender Road
447X (Formerly Route T47) Watertown Avenue
Bunker Hill Avenue
Straits Turnpike
Turnpike Drive
450X (Formerly Route 410) Route 8 Torrington
  • Connection to Hartford available via Express Route 927
460X (Formerly Route T81) Meriden Road
Route 322
Knotter Drive
Cheshire Industrial Park
470X (Formerly Route T74) South Main Street
Great Hill Road
New Haven Road
Naugatuck Green
Meyer Supply, Inc.
Naugatuck Industrial Park
Custom Bottle of CT

Former Routes

Route Streets Terminus
925 (weekdays during peak times only) Hartford Express 925: Hartford Express

Naugatuck routes

Like its fellow town Bristol, Naugatuck has three local routes that run through the town, returning every 90 minutes. Weekdays only between 9:00 AM & 4:00 PM.

Route Route name Outbound terminus
471 (Formerly Route N1)

Rubber Avenue-Millville

West Naugatuck: Rubber Avenue-Millville Mount View Shopping Plaza, Naugatuck High School
472 (Formerly Route N2) East Naugatuck: New Haven Road-Straitsville Crosspointe Plaza, Wal-Mart
473 (Formerly Route N3) North Naugatuck: Spring Street Mattatuck Manor
479X (Formerly Route T114) Route 42
Pines Bridge Road
Beacon Falls
Murtha Industrial Park
Ansonia Steel Corporation

Meriden routes

In Meriden, five loop routes are operated between 6 AM and 6 PM, weekdays only. Connections are available at the Meriden Transit Center Monday through Saturday to New Haven via Route C1 (future Route 215M), at the Westfield Meriden Mall to New Britain via Route 501, and to Hartford in AM Rush Hour via Route 919 Express (operated by DATTCO).

Route Route name Outbound terminus Connecting routes
215 (C1) New Haven 215: New Haven via Grand Ave
215X: New Haven via I-91
  • Downtown New Haven @ the Green CTtransit New Haven: All routes
    CTtransit Hartford: 950
  • Wallingford Center: CTtransit Wallingford: 291, 292
561 (A1) Westfield Meriden 561: MidState Medical Ctr via Kensington Ave
563 (B3) Yale Acres
(formerly A2)
563: Broadvale Rd
564 (B4) South Meriden 564: Old Colony Rd-Hanover Ave.
565 (C5) West Main St. 565: Centennial Plaza-Hubbard Park
566 (C6) East Main St. 566: Research Pkwy

Wallingford routes

The Wallingford Local is being split into two separate routes, both of which will start/end at Wallingford Center. Transfters are available to Route 215 (former Route C) between New Haven and Meriden. Weekdays only between 9:00 AM & 4:00 PM. Come Summer 2018, these routes may be revised to serve the CTrail/AMTRAK Wallingford RR Station.

Route Route name Terminus
291 (WL) Center St. 291: Burke Heights
292 (WL) North Colony Rd. 292: Wallingford Plaza

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