The northern theater of the American Revolutionary War also known as the Northern Department of the Continental Army was a theater of operations during the American Revolutionary War.

It was originally called the New York Department, and consisted of all of New York State. On November 12, 1776, after the British occupation of New York City, the Highlands Department was created out of the Northern Department. The Northern Department then stopped 30 miles south of Albany. After that, it was always referred to as the Northern Department.

The Highlands Department was the smallest in area, and was formed around the defenses on the Hudson River north of New York City.

Continental Northern Department

In 1777, the Northern Department was organised into:[1]

British Northern Army

During the Battles of Saratoga, the British northern army consisted of:


On May 10, 1775, Fort Ticonderoga was captured from the British.

Major General Philip Schuyler was appointed department commander on June 25, 1775. On June 28, 1775 the New York Provincial Congress authorized the raising of the four regiments of the New York Line.

The major campaigns are divided as follows:

After War years

This department was the only one to remain after the war. The last elements of the Continental Army were kept to guard the western frontier outposts.

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