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Northwest Upsalquitch River
Physical characteristics
 • locationSaint-Quentin Parish, Restigouche County, New Brunswick
 • coordinates47°42′39″N 66°24′42″W / 47.71083°N 66.41167°W / 47.71083; -66.41167
 • elevation369 m (1,211 ft)
 • location
Addington Parish, Restigouche County, New Brunswick
 • coordinates
47°33′05″N 67°15′20″W / 47.55139°N 67.25556°W / 47.55139; -67.25556
 • elevation
223 m (732 ft)
Length70.2 km (43.6 mi)
Basin features
 • left(from confluence) Cravens Gulch, Eight Mile Gulch, Lower Twelve Mile Brook, Lower Thirteen Mile Brook, Fourteen Mile Gulch, Upper Sixteen Mile Brook, Eeighteen Mile Brook, Burntland Brook, Ritchie Brook, Twenty Five Mile Brook, Twenty Seven Mile Brook, ruisseau Sauvage, McLeod Brook, Chisholm Brook.
 • right(from confluence) Six Mile Brook, Nine Mile Brook, Mooseskin Brook, Ten Mile Brook, Twelve Mile Brook, Thirteen Mile Brook, Lower Sixteen Mile Brook, Nineteen Mile Brook, Upper Twenty Mile Gulch, Oxford Brook, Twenty Eight Mile Brook, Thirty Mile Brook, Black Brook.

The Northwest Upsalquitch River is a tributary of the South bank of the Upsalquitch River, crossing the parishes of Saint-Quentin, Eldon and Addington, in Restigouche County, in the northwest of New Brunswick, in Canada.

In his course Eastward, the “Northwest Upsalquitch River” flows in a small valley nestled between the mountains and its course passes at the Northwest of the Caribou Mountain the end.


“Northwest Upsalquitch River” originates from a mountain stream in the Restigouche County.

The source of the river is located in forest area: • 6.4 kilometres (4.0 mi) at the Southeast from the village of Saint-Martin-de-Restigouche; • 11.0 kilometres (6.8 mi) at Northeast from the village of Saint-Quentin; • 44.7 kilometres (27.8 mi) at Southwest of the confluence of the “Northwest Upsalquitch River”; • 45.3 kilometres (28.1 mi) at Southwest of the confluence of the Upsalquitch River; • 69.1 kilometres (42.9 mi) southwest Bridge Campbellton, New Brunswick, crossing the Restigouche River;

From its source, the “Northwest Upsalquitch River” flows in a small valley surrounded by high mountains, on 70.2 kilometres (43.6 mi) according to the following segments:

Upper Courses of the river (segment of 32.8 kilometres (20.4 mi))

Lower course of the river (segment of 37.4 kilometres (23.2 mi))

Northwest Upsalquitch River empties into a river bend on the West bank of the Upsalquitch River. The confluence of “Northwest Upsalquitch River” is located at 29.3 kilometres (18.2 mi) Northwest from the confluence of the Upsalquitch River.

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