Shirt badge/Association crest
AssociationNorway's Bandy Association
Head coachNorway Thomas Moen
Team colors   
First international
 Norway 1–3 Sweden 
(Oslo, Norway; 6 February 1927)
Biggest win
 Norway 32–0 Belarus 
(Haparanda, Sweden; 29 March 2001)
Biggest defeat
 Russia 22–0 Norway 
(Kazan, Russia 1 February 2005)
Bandy World Championship
Appearances36 (first in 1961)
Best result2nd (1965)

Norway national bandy team (Norwegian: Norges herrelandslag i bandy) represents Norway in the sport of bandy.

Norway, Finland and Sweden played bandy at the Winter Olympics in Oslo in 1952. After having seen them there, the Soviet Union invited these three countries to a four nation bandy tournament in 1954. This was the first time a Soviet national bandy team met other national bandy teams. The four countries used somewhat different rules prior to this tournament, but the rules were adjusted to be the same for the future.[1]

Norway has been competing in the Bandy World Championship since the second tournament in 1961. Norway finished in second place in 1965 and in third place 1993.

Norway's best result in the Russian Government Cup is a second place in 1994.

World Championship record

Tournament Final standing
Finland 1957 Didn't participate
Norway 1961 4th place
Sweden 1963 4th place
Soviet Union 1965  Silver
Finland 1967 4th place
Sweden 1969 Didn't participate
Sweden 1971 4th place
Soviet Union 1973 4th place
Finland 1975 4th place
Norway 1977 4th place
Sweden 1979 4th place
Soviet Union 1981 4th place
Finland 1983 4th place
Norway 1985 4th place
Sweden 1987 4th place
Soviet Union 1989 4th place
Finland 1991 4th place
Norway 1993  Bronze
USA 1995 5th place
Sweden 1997 5th place
Russia 1999 4th place
Finland and Sweden 2001 5th place
Russia 2003 5th place[2]
Sweden 2004 5th place
Russia 2005 5th place
Sweden 2006 5th place
Russia 2007 5th place
Russia 2008 5th place
Sweden 2009 5th place
Russia 2010 5th place
Russia 2011 5th place
Kazakhstan 2012 5th place
Sweden and Norway 2013 5th place
Russia 2014 5th place
Russia 2015 5th place
Russia 2016 5th place
Sweden 2017 4th place
Russia 2018 6th place

Current squad

Norwegian squad at the 2014 World Championship in Irkutsk, Russia, January 26 – February 2, 2014.[3]

Pos. Age Name Club
GK 29 Christopher Smerkerud Norway Ullevål IL
GK 21 Kenneth Larsen Norway Sarpsborg BK
DF 23 Anders Greger Svenn Norway Ullevål IL
DF 20 Sigurd Strømnes Norway Sarpsborg BK
DF 27 Anders Christensen Norway Stabæk IF
DF 20 Fredrik Randsborg Norway Stabæk IF
MF 28 Christian Randsborg Norway Stabæk IF
MF 23 Nikolai Rustad Jensen Norway Stabæk IF
MF 27 Magnus Høgevold Norway Stabæk IF
MF 24 Petter Yngve Løyning Norway Stabæk IF
MF 27 Jan Olav Løyning Norway Stabæk IF
MF 24 Robin Nicolay Cras Norway Mjøndalen IF
MF 32 Christian Lauenborg Waaler Norway IF Ready
FW 20 Andreas Haugo Killingstad Norway Stabæk IF
FW 32 Petter Renstrøm Moen Norway Solberg SK
FW 29 Marius Austad Norway Solberg SK


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