The O2 Store is a chain of retail stores operated by Telefónica Europe, specializing in mobile phones. As of January 2014, O2 has opened over 450 stores in the United Kingdom.[1] O2 Stores come in 2 formats - Franchise and Retail. The latter are owned and maintained by O2 UK directly, as opposed to private investors. The majority of stores have an O2 Guru, effectively a Technical Specialist. This free service is offered to all consumers, whether they are a Telefonica customer or not.

Design and innovation

Microsoft Surface

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Aside from general information, mobile phones are the central motive for visiting an O2 store and this is where the Microsoft Surface Table is being implemented in a selection of stores. Customers can interactively choose from a selection of mobile phones. Data is displayed directly from the existing O2 backend systems and thus are always up to date. Using the touch-sensitive surface, users can filter for desired features, compare handsets and view them from various angles more easily.[2]


–The first O2 Franchise Store opened in Rotherham, South Yorkshire on 24 November 2005 (2005-11-24).

Country First store opened Total open stores
 United Kingdom 24 November 2005 (2005-11-24) >450
 Germany 500
 Czech Republic

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