ODINUS logo.svg
Logo used in a mission proposal is a combination of the astronomical symbols for the planets Uranus and Neptune.
Mission typeOrbiter
OperatorEuropean Space Agency
COSPAR ID Edit this at Wikidata
Spacecraft properties
Dry mass500-600 kg
Start of mission
Launch date2034 (proposed)
Neptune orbiter
Spacecraft componentFreyja
Uranus orbiter
Spacecraft componentFreyr

ODINUS (Origins, Dynamics, and Interiors of the Neptunian and Uranian Systems) is a space mission concept proposed to the European Space Agency's Cosmic Vision programme. The ODINUS mission concept proposes to expand the Uranus orbiter and probe mission to two twin orbiters— dubbed Freyr and Freyja, the twin gods of the Norse pantheon.[1][2] Their primary mission would be to study Neptune and Uranus with one orbiter each.[3] If selected, ODINUS would launch in 2034.[4]


The following six instruments are considered essential to the mission:

The following two additional instruments are strongly desired by the mission proposers:

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