FormatOnline Newspaper
Owner(s)Observador On Time, S.A.
Founder(s)António Carrapatoso, José Manuel Fernandes, Rui Ramos [1]
PublisherJosé Manuel Fernandes
EditorMiguel Pinheiro
Political alignmentRight-wing liberalism
HeadquartersLisbon, Portugal
Circulation6,790,000 (Unique Visitors, January 2020)

Observador is a Portuguese online newspaper started on May 19, 2014. It is the only Portuguese newspaper in Portugal with a defined political orientation (right-wing liberalism).[2]

In what was almost a unique concept at the time of launch, it is a completely digital newspaper with no printed edition,[3] with the exception of the Anniversary[4] and Lifestyle editions.[5] Observador committed itself to publish and update information on a 24/7 basis.[6]

In the first month, it reported 630,000 visitors.[7] By August 2015, it reported six million visitors and 35 million pageviews.[8] In January 2020, it reported 6.79 million visitors and 51.34 million pageviews.[9]

In its first year, the newspaper won the "Launch of the Year" award in the Meios & Publicidade Awards. It also elected as newspaper of the year in 2018[10] by the same organization and it won the 2019 Edition of the Marktest award in "Press and Digital - Media".[11]

Radio Observador

Radio Observador
Frequency98.7 MHz Lisbon, 98.4 MHz Porto
OwnerObservador On Time, S.A.
First air date
27 June 2019

On June 26 of 2019, Radio Observador launched on 98.7 MHz in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area with about 30 collaborators.[12] On October 6 of 2019, it launched on 98.4 MHz in the Porto Metropolitan Area.

The Radio focuses on Information but also airs music. Its many programs are also published in Podcast format.


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