Ocean Ave.
Created byJoanna Coons
Written byJoanna Coons
Directed byConstance Hoy, Jason Sklaver, Jonathan Wyche, Adele Cecchi
Creative directorBill O'Dowd
StarringSteve DuMouchel
Marc Menard
Candace Kroslak
Sean Sullivan
Andrea Abenoza
Theme music composerAndreas Helmle
Alex Menck
Amedeo Tortora
ComposerAndreas Helmle
Country of originSweden
United States
Original languagesEnglish
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes130
Running time60 minutes
Production companiesDolphin Entertainment
Original release
ReleaseAugust 26, 2002 (2002-08-26) –
April 1, 2003 (2003-04-01)

Ocean Ave. is a Swedish-American low budget daytime soap opera, produced by the Swedish production company, Kajak, and filmed by the Florida-based production company Dolphin Entertainment. It was set and filmed in Miami, Florida between 2002 and 2003. The series was made for TV4; it shifted from the early prime time slot to middays after experiencing low ratings, and it despite being an American co-production, never aired outside Sweden.

The main cast included only five Swedish actors, four other Swedish actors were seen in minor roles in hopes the series would be distributed beyond Sweden. 130 hour-long episodes were filmed, then ultimately split in half into 260 half-hours.


Soap opera actor Timothy Adams plays cop Thomas "Thom" O'Keefe, who is working on the case of a prostitute-murdering serial killer. Thom's father, the police commissioner, Jamie O'Keefe (Marc Macaulay), has been involved in other illegal activities for years. When Thom finds out about his father criminal life, he flips out and tries to kill Roberto Rendon, but everything goes wrong and Thom is shot by Manny Ortega. At the hospital, Thom forgives his mother who left him when he was a child, and he begs Sage to promise that she will leave Macy. Thom then dies. Sage follows through with her promise. She divorces Macy, but helps him to escape from the Russians, Vladimir (Angelo Fierro) and Vega, who are after him for not paying them the money he owes. In the last episode, Sage marries Thom, who mysteriously comes back to life.

It is found later that the psychopath, Manny Ortega, has killed countless people. One of them, Stefan Eriksson, was shot to death in front of his dear son Alex, who blacked out and can not remember the murderer because of amnesia. Alex finally regains his memory and recognizes Manny as his father's killer. Manny then confesses in front of Alex and Elena and tells them he is also behind the explosion at Dev Tech, in Sweden. It is there that Nora, the mother of Chrissy and Alex, died. Manny's plan was to kill Stefan, but he survived until he shot him. Manny also tells Alex and Elena that he was the man who raped Elena's mother, Alicia, and that he then strangled her and planted her car in the water so it looked like she drowned in a car accident. Manny probably strangled Hadley Marx as well, but he never confesses to it. Manny is finally shot to death by his own son, Jimmy Ray, who was sent by Roberto.

The journalist, Crystal Tate (Victoria Jackson), starts her own investigation and finds out many dark secrets about the Devon, O'Keefe, Hamilton, and Rendon families. The secrets date back to 1977 and have to do with the death of bordello girl Jazz De Guise (Heidi Mark). Everybody thinks that Jazz died of a drug overdose but Crystal convinces the police to reopen the Jazz case and the question "Who killed Jazz?" makes the Devons and O'Keefes very nervous.

Later in the series, the Swedish model and actress, Victoria Silvstedt, appears in a few episodes in hopes to boost the ratings. She played a sexy detective sent to Miami to help the police with the serial killer case, but she soon falls victim to the killer herself.


Guest roles