The gens Oclatinia was an obscure Roman family of imperial times. It is best known from a single individual, Marcus Oclatinius Adventus, consul for the second time[i] in AD 218, together with the emperor Macrinus. From various sources, we know that he was procurator Augustorum under Septimius Severus in AD 202,[1] and governor of Britain between 205 and 207.[2][3][4]


The nomen Oclatinius clearly shares a root with Oclatius, borne by Tiberius Oclatius Severus, consul suffectus in AD 160, and is perhaps an orthographic variant of Ocratius, part of a class of gentilicia formed using the suffix -atius, derived from place-names ending in -as or -atis, or passive participles ending in -atus.[5]


  1. ^ The date of his first consulate is not known.

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