Odd Squad
Directed byEnzo Barboni
Produced byGiovanni Di Clemente
StarringJohnny Dorelli
Giuliano Gemma
Vincent Gardenia
CinematographyRomano Albani
Music byFranco Micalizzi
Release date
  • 1981 (1981)

Odd Squad (Italian: Ciao nemico, also known as The Odd Squad and The Bridge Between) is a 1981 Italian war comedy film directed by Enzo Barboni.


After the Allied landing in Sicily, between the U.S. Army and the Italian Army there is an ancient Roman bridge that both want to blow up; but both Italian and American sappers do their best to not do it. Together, they think an absurd plan to make the invading American division that the Italians surrendered and the War is ended. After they part ways, forty years later the American Lieutenant (now an older college engineer teacher) watches the bridge and prepares to go to theater, because his old same-rank enemy became a conductor and that evening he's gonna direct Verdi's Nabucco.

During the end credits, there are info about the ten soldiers; everyone went back to their previous favorite talents and made a career on it.[1]



The film received mixed reviews. Morando Morandini praised the film as "pleasant and full of comical inventions".[2] Flaminio Di Biagi described it as a "quite ramshackle little comedy".[3]

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