This is a list of leaders and office-holders of Canada. See also Canadian incumbents by year.



Governors General

Heads of government

Cabinet ministers

Also known as Ministers of the Crown

Parliamentary office-holders

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Lieutenant Governors

Heads of government

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for the premiers in any given year.

Executive councils

For the executive councils (cabinet) of each province, see Executive Council (Canada).


Unlike the provinces, the territories of Canada have no inherent jurisdiction and only have those powers delegated to them by the federal government.[1][2][3]


Unlike the Governor General or a Lieutenant-Governor, who are representatives of the Queen of Canada, Commissioners are not vice-regal representatives. They are appointed by the federal government as a delegate of cabinet. Under the federal statutes governing the territories, the Commissioners act in accordance with written instructions from the cabinet or the minister responsible (currently the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development).

Heads of government


In Canada, incorporated municipalities are creations of the provincial and territorial governments. They have no independent existence under the Constitution.

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