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Official PlayStation Magazine
EditorKevin MacDermot, Neil McGreevy
CategoriesComputer and video games
First issueMay 2000
CompanyTP Media
WebsiteTP Media Online (now defunct)

Official PlayStation Magazine (Ireland) was a TP Media monthly gaming publication.


The magazine was conceived by TP Media. Ireland's large PlayStation adoption rate[citation needed] and the greatly increased prices of imported UK publications at the time were contributing factors in launching such a magazine.[citation needed] The Official UK PlayStation Magazine published by Future Publishing could cost up to £9.99 IEP due to Irish import fees.

OIPM launched for £4.99 with a demo disc.

Differences between the UK version

Although the first three issues of the magazine had the same cover as the UK magazine, OIPM's content was original and written by a team in Ireland, headed by Kevin MacDermot. Certain features were directly taken from the UK version. The magazine's A-Z section was also taken from the UK version, although all future entries were based on OIPM's reviews, not the UK ones.