Native toLaos
EthnicityOy, Jeng, Sok, Sapuan
Native speakers
24,000 (2015 census)[1]
plus 8,000 Sok, Sapuan and Jeng (1981–2007)[2][3]
Language codes
ISO 639-3Either:
oyb – Oy
spu – Sapuan
Glottologoyyy1238  Oy
sapu1247  Sapuan–Sok
jeng1241  Jeng

Oi (Oy, Oey;[4] also known as The, Thang Ong, Sok) is an Austroasiatic dialect cluster of Attapeu Province, southern Laos. The dominant variety is Oy proper, with 11,000 speakers who are 80% monolinguals. The Jeng (Cheng) speak the same language but are ethnically distinct (Sidwell 2003). Speakers follow traditional religions.[1]


Some locations where Oi is spoken in include (Sidwell 2003:26):

The Jeng live mostly along the banks of the Sekaman River, in and around Ban Fandeng (Phandɛŋ).

According to Daniell (2020), there are about 20 Oy villages in Attapeu Province, Laos. The following villages are ordered roughly from west to east, and are located along or near the Sekong River, in an area of Attapeu Province to the west of Attapeu Town.[5]


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