Old Man Winter is a personification of winter.[1][2] The name is a colloquialism for the winter season derived from ancient Greek mythology and Old World pagan beliefs evolving into modern characters in both literature and popular culture.[3] He is usually depicted as an old man, often blowing winter over the landscape with his breath, or simply freezing the landscape with his very presence.[4]


Humans have associated the winter season with deities, e.g., the ancient Greek god of winter Boreas, and in other cultures including Celtic mythology with the goddess Cailleach and goddess Beira.[3] Over time, the old gods of winter changed to new humanizations of the seasons, including Old Man Winter.[3] Among the Potawatomi people of the Western Great Lakes region, there exists a myth about Old Man Winter, called Pondese in their language.[5] Old Man Winter was a character in Iroquois legends.[6]

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"His breath roared out from his lips, Stopping all streams at their source. The feet of Old Man Winter walked upon the earth, freezing all the grass."

— Nancy Wood[7]


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