On the Shore of the Wide World
Written bySimon Stephens
Date premiered18 April 2005
Place premieredRoyal Exchange Theatre
Manchester, England
Original languageEnglish
SubjectEpic play about love, family, Roy Keane and the size of the galaxy.

On the Shore of the Wide World is a play by English playwright Simon Stephens. It opened 18 April 2005, at the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester, under the direction of Sarah Frankcom. On May 26, the production transferred to the Cottesloe space of the Royal National Theatre in London.

The play focuses on three generations of the Holmes family in Stockport, England, examining the persistent dreams and struggles facing each generation. The play takes its title from the poem When I have Fears that I may Cease to Be by John Keats.


Alice Holmes Siobhan Finneran
Peter Holmes Nicholas Gleaves
Charlie Holmes David Hargreaves
Susan Reynolds Susannah Harker
Sarah Black Carla Henry
John Robinson Roger Morlidge
Alex Holmes Thomas Morrison
Ellen Holmes Eileen O'Brien
Paul Danzinger Matt Smith
Christopher Holmes Steven Webb

Awards and nominations