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Internet media type
Latest release
0.0.6 (draft)[2]
Type of formatLayered raster graphics
Extended fromOpenDocument
Open format?Yes
WebsiteOpenRaster Specification at

OpenRaster is a file format proposed for the common exchange of layered images between raster graphics editors. It is meant as a replacement for later versions of the Adobe PSD format. OpenRaster is still in development and so far is supported by a few programs.[3] The default file extension for OpenRaster files is ".ora".


The Adobe Photoshop PSD file format was widely used as a cross-application file format for layered images. Adobe allowed this by releasing the format's specifications publicly. In 2006 Adobe changed this license to only grant access to and use of the specifications and documentation "for the purposes of internally developing Developer Programs in connection with Adobe Software products and incorporating portions or all of the Sample Code into Developer Programs."[4] In response to these restrictions, the OpenRaster format was proposed by KDE and Krita developers Boudewijn Rempt[5] and Cyrille Berger[6] at the first Libre Graphics Meeting at Lyon, France in the spring of 2006 and is drawn from the Open Document Format.[7]


Following features should be present:






Proposals and extensions


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According to the draft specification (as of October 2010), a major challenge for a cross-application format is that because not all of the features are available in all the programs, an image won't be displayed the same way in different applications, especially for adjustment/filters layers.

A likely work-around is the optional storage of a redundant extra layer containing the fully rendered pixel data as seen after all image processing, or possibly a lower-resolution snapshot of it suitable for previewing and thumbnailing.

Different implementations levels might be defined, like, tiny, simple, small, normal, full and custom.

Application support

OpenRaster has limited support in a few graphics programs and among these its cross-application use is not seamless.[citation needed]

Application Baseline SVG
DrawPile Supported[9] Yes
Chasys Draw IES Supported[10] Yes
GIMP Basic support since version 2.8[11] No
Inkscape Unsupported
Krita Supported[12][13] No
LazPaint Reading since version 5.0 and writing since 5.2[14] Yes
MyPaint Default working file format[15] Yes
Nathive Default format since 0.908[16]
Pinta Supported starting with version 0.4[17] No
XnView Supported through a user-made plugin[18]
Scribus Supported starting with version 1.5[19] No
ImageMagick Supported starting with version 7.0.10-26[20] Yes Supported through a user-made plugin[21] No

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