Open Service Mesh (OSM)
Open Service Mesh logo.svg
Original author(s)Microsoft
Developer(s)Cloud Native Computing Foundation
Initial release2020 (2020)
Stable release
v0.11.1[1] / October 20, 2021; 5 months ago (2021-10-20)
Written inGo
TypeService mesh
LicenseMIT License

Open Service Mesh (OSM) is a free and open source cloud native service mesh developed by Microsoft[2] that runs on Kubernetes.[3][4]


OSM is written in the Go programming language and designed to be a reference implementation of the Service Mesh Interface (SMI) specification, a standard interface for service meshes on Kubernetes.[5] The software is based on the Envoy proxy server and allows users to uniformly manage, secure, and get out-of-the-box observability features for highly dynamic microservice environments.[6]

The source code is licensed under MIT License and available on GitHub.[7] Microsoft plans to donate OSM to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation to ensure that it is community-led and has open governance.[5][8]

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