Oran Tramway
Native nameترامواي وهران
LocaleOran, Algeria
Transit typeTram
Number of lines1
Number of stations32
Began operationMay 1, 2013[1]
System length18.7 km (11.6 mi)
System map

The Oran Tramway[1] (in Arabic: ترامواي وهران‎) is a system of public transport in Oran (also transliterated as Wahrān), the second largest city in Algeria. The first section includes 18.7 kilometres (11.6 mi) of route and 32 stops.[1] Its Commissioning was delayed several times but took place on May 1, 2013.[1]


The project's initiation phase started in 2008. Later, in 2011, the first tram engine was brought from Barcelona. On February 20, 2012, the first technical test was made on a 100-meter track. On March 2, 2012, the non-commercial operation started for a two-month period. On May 2013, the Oran Tramway was officially opened by the Minister of Transport, and was opened for commercial use in the following day.[2]


The stations are listed from the western suburbs to the eastern suburbs:

      Stations Baladiyette Region Related Networks
    Es Sénia terminus - السانيا نهاية الخط Es Sénia
    Es Sénia Sud - السانيا جنوب Es Sénia
    Es Sénia Centre - السانيا وسط Es Sénia
    Moulay Abdelkader - مولاي عبد القادر Es Sénia
    IGMO Université Docteur TALEB - جامعة الدكتور طالب Oran
    Cité Volontaire ENSET - الحي الجامعي المتطوع Oran
    Lycée les Palmiers - ثانوية النخيل Oran
    Jardin Othmania - حديقة العثمانية Oran
    Cité Universitaire - Hai el Badr - الحي الجامعي بدر Oran
    Sureté de la Wilaya - BD ANP - نهج جيش التحرير الوطني Oran
    Palais des sports - قصر الرياضات Oran
    Ghaouti - Dar el Hayat - دار الحياة Oran
    M'dine el Djadida - المدينة الجديدة Oran
    Houha Tlemcen - حوحة تلمسان Oran
    Place Mokrani - ساحة المقراني Oran
    Place 1er Novembre - ساحة أول نوفمبر Oran
    Emir Abd el Kader - الأمير عبد القادر Oran
    Gare SNTF - محطة السكك الحديدية Oran
    Bd Colonel A Benabderezzak - نهج العقيد أحمد بن عبد الرزاق Oran
    les Freres Moulay - الإخوة مولاي Oran
    Maalem Bentayeb - معلم بن طيب Oran
    Les castors - حي كاستور Oran
    Mosquée Ibn Badis - جامع ابن باديس Oran
    Palais de Justice - قصر العدالة Oran
    Carrefour les 3 Cliniques - ثلاثة عيادات Oran
    Cité USTO - حي إيسطو Oran
    Hôpital 1er Novembre - المستشفى الجامعي أول نوفمبر Oran
    Université USTO - جامعة إيسطو Oran
    USTO- Bifurcation - BD Pépinière - نهج المشتلة Oran
    Cite El Yasmine - حي الياسمين Bir El Djir
    Hai Esabah - حي الصباح Bir El Djir
    Gare Routière Sidi Maarouf - Terminus - محطة سيدي معروف Bir El Djir

Rolling stock

Service is provided by a fleet of 30 Alstom Citadis trams, each 43.9 m (144 ft) in length.[1]


The Oran Tramway is operated by Algeria's Société d'Exploitation des Tramway (Setram), a joint venture between the French state-owned RATP Dev (a subsidiary of RATP Group), Entreprise de transport urbain et suburbain d'Alger (ETUSA), and Entreprise Métro d'Alger (EMA), of which RATP Dev is a 49% shareholder, and mainly responsible for operating the Oran Tramway, as well as other trams in Algeria.[3][4][5][6]

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