Orbital part of inferior frontal gyrus
Orbital part of inferior frontal gyrus labelled 3.
Lateral surface - Orbital part of inferior frontal gyrus.png
Lateral surface of cerebral cortex
Latinpars orbitalis gyri frontalis inferioris
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The orbital part of inferior frontal gyrus also known as the pars orbitalis is the orbital part of the inferior frontal gyrus.[1]

In humans, this region is bordered by the triangular part of the inferior frontal gyrus (pars triangularis) and, surrounding the anterior horizontal limb of the lateral sulcus, a portion of the opercular part of inferior frontal gyrus (pars opercularis). Bounded caudally by the anterior ascending limb of the lateral sulcus, it borders on the insula in the depth of the lateral sulcus. It is bordered anteriorly/inferiorly by the lateral orbital sulcus.[2][3]

Cytoarchitectonically it is most closely represented by Brodmann area 47 (BA47).[4] However, BA47 and pars orbitalis are not synonymous, as pars orbitalis specifically refers to a grossly visible gyral region and BA47 refers to the cytoarchitectonic features of brain tissue. In vivo neuroscience research almost exclusively discusses the gyral region, although the gyral and cytoarchitectonic terms are frequently used synonymously.

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