Order of the Phoenix
Τάγμα του Φοίνικος
Grand Cross and Star of the Order of the Phoenix, III. type
Awarded by the President of the Hellenic Republic
MottoΕκ της τέφρας μου αναγεννώμαι
Awarded forexcellence in the public sphere or raising Greece's international standing
StatusCurrently constituted
GradesGrand Cross, Grand Commander, Commander, Golden Cross, Silver Cross
Next (higher)Order of George I
Order of Honour
(Republic today)
Next (lower)Order of Beneficence
GRE Order of the Phoenix - Silver Cross BAR.png

Ribbon bar of the Silver Cross of the Order of the Phoenix

The Order of the Phoenix (Greek: Τάγμα του Φοίνικος) is an order of Greece, established on 13 May 1926, by the republican government of the Second Hellenic Republic to replace the defunct Royal Order of George I.

The order was retained after the restoration of the monarchy in 1935 and continues to be awarded by the current Third Republic.

The honour is bestowed by the Greek government to Greek citizens who have excelled in the arts and literature, science, public administration, shipping, commerce, and industry. It is also awarded to foreigners who have helped raise Greece's international prestige.


The Order has five classes:


The badge of the Order is a white-enameled cross, in silver for the Silver Cross class, in gold for the higher classes, with the Phoenix (symbolizing the rebirth of the Hellenic nation) at the centre. A five-pointed star is at the upper arm of the cross. The first version of the Order (1926–1935) featured the letters "E-T-T-A" in Byzantine uncial on each arm of the cross, the initials of the motto Εκ της τέφρας μου αναγεννώμαι ("From my ashes I am reborn"). During the Monarchy (1935–1974) the letters were removed and the badge was topped by a crown, while the badge's reverse side featured the monogram of the reigning monarch. The current version (since 1975) omits the crown, while the reverse features the Greek National Emblem with the words ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ ΔΗΜΟΚΡΑΤΙΑ ("Hellenic Republic").

The star of the Order is a silver eight-pointed star with straight rays, with the phoenix at the centre; during the Monarchy it was topped by a crown.

The ribbon of the Order is orange with black edges.

Crossed swords on the insignia indicate that the award was given in the military division of the Order.

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