The Principality of Andorra's honours system started developing very recently and it is still in development.


The Principality of Andorra started development of an honours system in 2007, through the Consolidation Decree 12-09-2007 and the implementation Ministerial Decree 07-12-2007, with the creation of the Order of Charlemagne amongst the Charlemagne Prizes.

With the following years, the Andorran honours system was expanded in 2011 by the Inter-Parish Commission with the creation of the medals and awards for the City Guards of the country, adopted by Decree by all the Parishes.

This system, with many mistakes committed during its application, was reformed by the Andorran phalerist Adrià Espineta Arias through a technical report that was implemented in 2015 and changed the protocol and designs of most of the awards. [1] Consequently, during late 2015 and early 2016, the reviewed and adapted Decrees were approved by all Parishes implementing the reforms and producing the first award ceremony in May 2016.[2]

On the other hand, since 2013 the Andorran Fire Brigade is currently awarding a 25 years of Service Medal which remains unregulated.[3]

Order of precedence

Medals and decorations


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