Orders, decorations, and medals of Bosnia and Herzegovina are social and public recognition, which are awarded for special contribution in realization of human rights and freedom, for construction of democratic relations, peace and stabilization, development of International cooperation of Bosnia and Herzegovina with other countries and with International organizations and for cultural, economic and every other progress of people and citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The system of honours of Bosnia and Herzegovina was established after the Croat–Bosniak War ended in 1994, and changed in May 2003.

All citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, economic societies, state institutions and other legal entities and non-government organizations are suitable to receive decorations of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Also, foreign citizens, foreign and International organizations and institutions are suitable. It is possible to receive a decoration post mortem.

The only authorized institution for bestowal of orders, decorations and medals of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Current decorations

Former decorations (1994–2003)