Orders, decorations, and medals of Ethiopia are awards of the government of Ethiopia which are typically issued for sustained meritorious service, whether it be in a civilian capacity or in their capacity in the Ethiopian National Defense Force. They are governed by the laws of Ethiopia on awards.

Ethiopian Empire and modern era

During the socialist era in Ethiopia from 1974 to 1991, after the abolishment of the Empire and the institution of the Derg (later the People's Democratic Republic of Ethiopia), few Imperial Orders or Decorations were issued. During preparations for the return of the Ethiopian monarchy, and upon the death of Emperor Amha Selassie, the Crown Council now gained responsibility over Imperial Orders and Decorations. The following orders comprise all Imperial Honours sanctioned by the Crown Council of Ethiopia:[1]

Military and Civil Decorations:[1][3]

Socialist Ethiopia (1974-1991)

Order of the Grand Star of Honour of Socialist Ethiopia

Notable recipients include:


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