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There are four orders in Ghana : Order of the Star of Ghana, Order of the Volta, Medal for Gallantry and Grand Medal.

These were instituted in 1960 as a replacement for the British honours system that was conferred under the Gold Coast and the Dominion of Ghana.

President John Kufuor added a controversial Order of the Star and Eagles of Ghana in June 2008.

Traditional Orders

Order of the Star of Ghana

ribbon bar
ribbon bar

Ribbon : tricolor green - yellow - red

Order of the Volta

ribbon bar
ribbon bar

Ribbon : navy blue with red borders and a central black stripe

Medal for Gallantry

Ribbon : central navy blue, with towards the border, a thin red stripe and a broad yellow stripe border.

Grand Medal

Other Orders

There are Orders within Ghana also awarded by traditional, constitutionally recognized, subnational Kingdoms.

Kingdom of Godenu

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