Awards and decorations of Latvia are governed by the Republic of Latvia Law on State Honours of 2004, last amended in 2010.

State decorations

State orders, medals and other decorations are bestowed by the President of Latvia or a person assigned by him on May 4 - Restoration of Independence Day, November 11 - Lāčplēsis Day and November 18 – Proclamation Day of the Republic of Latvia, as well as on other days on special occasions.

The President of Latvia is awarded with the highest order, the Order of the Three Stars, upon starting to hold his office after taking the oath.


Insignia of the Orders

Medals and other decorations

Other decorations

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Order of precedence of decorations

  1. The Order of Three Stars
  2. The Order of Viesturs
  3. The Cross of Recognition
  4. The Medal of Honour of the Order of Three Stars
  5. The Medal of Honour of the Order of Viesturs
  6. The Medal of Honour of the Cross of Recognition
  7. The Commemorative Medal for Participants of the Barricades of 1991
  8. Other awards and foreign awards