The Rhodesian honours system was established at the time that Rhodesia unilaterally declared itself a republic in March 1970, when a system of military and civil decorations and awards was instituted by Presidential Warrant in November 1970.[1]

Prior to 2 March 1970, Rhodesians were conferred awards in the British Honours System.

List of honours

The list of Rhodesian honours and decorations, in order of precedence, is as follows:

In addition, the General Service Medal was awarded for military and police service; the Prison General Service Medal for prison service, and the Rhodesian District Service Medal for the Department of Internal Affairs (INTAF).

Details and recipients

Around 12,000 awards were given out between 1970 and 1981. The last Rhodesian gallantry awards were awarded in June 1980,[1] three months after Zimbabwe's independence. However, Rhodesian long-service decorations continued to be given to police officers and service personnel until June 1982.[3]

The most highly decorated soldier in the Rhodesian Army was Major Grahame Wilson, second-in-command of the Rhodesian SAS, who was awarded the Grand Cross of Valour, Silver Cross of Rhodesia and Bronze Cross of Rhodesia.[4]

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