The Ugandan honours system consists of orders and medals awarded for exemplary service to the nation.[1][2]

Orders and medals

Republic of Uganda

Civilian Orders Rank / Class Note
The Most Excellent Order of the Pearl of Africa Grand Master Awarded to heads of state and government
The Excellent Order of the Pearl of Africa Grand Commander For spouses of heads of state, vice presidents and crown princes and princesses
The Distinguished Order of The Nile Class I–V Named after the River Nile
The Distinguished Order of the Crested Crane Class I–V Named after the crested crane, Uganda's national bird
Military Orders Rank / Class Note
The Order of Katonga Named after the decisive battle of the National Resistance Army
The Kabalega Star I–III Named after King Kabalega of Bunyoro who resisted the British
The Rwenzori Star I–III Named after Rwenzori Mountains
The Masaba Star Local name of Mount Elgon

List of medals of the Republic of Uganda:

Bunyoro Kingdom

List of Orders and medals of the Bunyoro Kingdom:[3]


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