Native toPapua New Guinea
RegionIhu Rural LLG, Gulf Province
Native speakers
50,000 (2010)[1]
Trans–New Guinea
  • Eleman
    • nuclear Eleman
      • Western
        • Orokolo
Language codes
ISO 639-3oro

Orokolo is a Trans–New Guinea language spoken in Ihu Rural LLG, Gulf Province, Papua New Guinea by about 50,000 people (2010). Alternate names are Bailala, Haira, Kaipi, Kairu-Kaura, Muro, Muru, Vailala, and West Elema.[2] It is spoken in various villages, including Vailala (7°56′44″S 145°25′40″E / 7.945571°S 145.427676°E / -7.945571; 145.427676 (Vailala East No.1)).[3]


This first New Testament (Pupu Oharo Āre ) was translated by the Rev. S. H. Dewdney, a Congregational missionary with the London Missionary Society, and Lavako Maika, an evangelist. It was published by the British and Foreign Bible Society in 1963. Genesis, called Genese, was published by the British and Foreign Bible Society in Australia in 1970. Ruth, called Rute, was published by the Bible Society in Australia, in 1972.[4]


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