The Orto Botanico di Cascina Rosa (about 22,000 m2) is a botanical garden maintained by the University of Milan, and located at the end of Via Carlo Valvassori Peroni, Milan, Italy. It is open daily.

The garden was established on disused farmland in 2002 for research and education. Its primary research facilities are three greenhouses that include a total of 10 separate compartments that support modern technology including cryopreservation, molecular testing, etc. Current research includes genetic improvement of rice, and exploration of useful genes in Arabidopsis thaliana. The garden's grounds contain many labeled plants, lawns, a lake, and about 1 km of walking paths.

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Coordinates: 45°28′21.72″N 9°11′13.56″E / 45.4727000°N 9.1871000°E / 45.4727000; 9.1871000