Osborn Range
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The Osborn Range
Highest point
PeakUnnamed peak
Elevation1,757 m (5,764 ft)
Coordinates81°25′07″N 78°24′48″W / 81.41861°N 78.41333°W / 81.41861; -78.41333Coordinates: 81°25′07″N 78°24′48″W / 81.41861°N 78.41333°W / 81.41861; -78.41333
Parent rangeArctic Cordillera

The Osborn Range is a small mountain range located on the northwest flank of Tanquary Fiord on north-central Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, Canada. It lies just outside Quttinirpaaq National Park and is one of the northernmost mountain ranges in the world forming part of the Arctic Cordillera.[1]

The only named summit in the Osborn Range is Mount Townsend 1,235 m (4,052 ft) at the southwest edge of the Osborn Range near McKinley Bay, formed by the Chapman Glacier.

A well-known glacier called Gull Glacier lies in the Conger Range.

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