Otto II, Count of Zutphen was a Dutch nobleman from the early 12th century. Otto was the son of Gottschalk, Count of Zutphen and Adelheid of Zutphen, daughter of Liudolf of Lotharingia, Liudolf himself was grandson of Emperor Otto II and Theophanu.[1] In 1107 he received the Frisian domains of Westergo, Oostergo and Suthergo of Henry V, Holy Roman Emperor in exchange for landed possessions around Alzey.

Otto's maternal grandfather may be Otto of Hammerstein, who may have been the first count of Zutphen. Alternatively Adelheid may be a daughter of Ludolf of Zutphen and Mathilda of Hammerstein (daughter of Otto of Hammerstein).

Otto, known as "the rich", married Judith of Arnstein. They had four children:[2]


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