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Armenialandlocked mountainous country, located at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, in the South Caucasus region of Eurasia. A former republic of the Soviet Union, Armenia is a unitary, multiparty, democratic nation-state with an ancient and historic cultural heritage.

General reference

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Geography of Armenia

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Geography of Armenia

Neighbours of Armenia

Land boundaries: 1,254 km

 Azerbaijan 787 km
 Turkey 268 km
 Georgia 164 km
 Iran 35 km

Coastline: none

Environment of Armenia

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Natural geographic features of Armenia

Lake Sevan

Regions of Armenia

Regions of Armenia

Ecoregions of Armenia

List of ecoregions in Armenia

Administrative divisions of Armenia

Administrative divisions of Armenia

Provinces of Armenia

Armenia is divided into ten provinces (Armenian: marzer, sing. marz) and a special administrative division for the capital, Yerevan:

Cities of Armenia
Nighttime view of Yerevan in September 2013

Demography of Armenia

Demographics of Armenia

Armenian population by country.
Armenian population by country.

Armenian Diaspora

Armenian diaspora

Government and politics of Armenia

Main articles: Government of Armenia and Politics of Armenia

Latest national elections: 2021 Armenian parliamentary election
Upcoming national elections: Next Armenian parliamentary election

Branches of government

Government of Armenia

Executive branch of the government of Armenia

The National Assembly of Armenia on Baghramyan Avenue

Legislative branch of the government of Armenia

Judicial branch of the government of Armenia

Constitution of Armenia

Constitution of Armenia

Foreign relations of Armenia

Foreign relations of Armenia:
  Diplomatic relations established
  No diplomatic relations established
  Diplomatic relations suspended by Armenia

Main article: Foreign relations of Armenia

As of 2020, Armenia has established diplomatic relations with 172 separate entities.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ararat Mirzoyan


International organization membership

Armenia is a member of the following international organizations and treaties:[1]

Law and order in Armenia

Law of Armenia

Social issues in Armenia

Armenian Air Force Su-25's during a military parade in Yerevan.

Military of Armenia

Armenian soldiers at the 2010 Moscow Victory Day Parade

Military of Armenia

Local government in Armenia

Local government in Armenia

History of Armenia

The short-lived Roman province of Armenia in 117, north of Mesopotamia.

Main articles: History of Armenia, Timeline of Armenian history, and Timeline of modern Armenian history

History of Armenia

  Countries that officially recognize the events as genocide.
  Countries where certain political parties, provinces or municipalities have recognized the events as genocide, independently from the government as a whole.

Culture of Armenia

Culture of Armenia

The pagan Garni Temple, probably built in the first century, is the only "Greco-Roman colonnaded building" in the post-Soviet states.[2]

Art in Armenia

Religion in Armenia

The Etchmiadzin Cathedral, Armenia's Mother Church

Religion in Armenia

Sports in Armenia

Vazgen Sargsyan Republican Stadium

Sports in Armenia

Economy and infrastructure of Armenia

The redeveloped Yerevan downtown is the commercial and business centre of the city

Economy of Armenia

The main entrance to Zvartnots Airport

Education in Armenia

Education in Armenia

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