The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to photography:

Photography – process of making pictures by the action of recording light patterns, reflected or emitted from objects, on a photosensitive medium or an image sensor through a timed exposure. The process is done through mechanical, chemical, or electronic devices known as cameras.

Areas of practice

Applied photography

Scientific photography

Scientific imaging
Medical imaging

Main article: Medical imaging

Creating images of the human body or parts of it, to diagnose or examine disease.

Commercial photography

Main article: Commercial photography

Police and military photography

Social dimensions of photography


Main article: Photojournalism

Political dimensions of photography

Photography and desire

Subjects, styles, and formats

Photographic subjects

Photographic styles

Photographic formats

See also: Scientific imaging

Art and theory

Art and photography

Main article: Fine-art photography


Photographic technology

Main article: Science of photography

See also: History of photographic technology

Image capture


Main article: Camera

Types of camera
Parts of a camera


Main article: Photographic lens



Main article: Photographic film


Main article: Lighting


Main article: Slide projector

Photographic effects

Photographic processing

Main article: Photographic processing

Digital processing

Main article: Digital image processing


Main article: List of photographic processes

Papers, prints, and -types

Photographic techniques

Photographic concepts


Main article: Optics


Digital imaging

Main article: Digital image

Digital image formats

Photography organizations

Photographic equipment makers

Main article: List of photographic equipment makers

Museums and libraries

Museums and libraries with significant photography collections.


Main article: Photographer

Photographers by nationality

History of photography

Main article: History of photography

History of photographic technology

For a chronological guide, see Timeline of photography technology.

Pioneers and inventors of photographic technology

Historic photographic processes

History of photography in culture and art