Outright Distribution
IndustryTV Distribution
PredecessorWall to Wall International
HeadquartersLondon (UK)
Key people
Chris Bonney
Tom McClelland
Jess Khanom
Leonora Teale
Belinda Ronalds
David Asher
Aubrey Clarke
Kelly Bordiuk
ProductsWaterloo Road
Who Do You Think You Are?
Footballers' Wives
It's Me or the Dog
Rock Rivals
Bad Lad's Army
No Going Back
ParentShed Media (2006-2010)
Warner Bros. Television Productions UK (2010)

Outright Distribution (formerly Screentime Partners) was a global TV distribution company headquartered in London and owned by Warner Bros. Television Productions UK.

Outright specialises in format and finished programme distribution. With an expanding library from Shed Media companies' content and growing quality third party business, Outright Distribution had a large catalogue of programme brands, selling over 2,000 hours in over 125 different territories worldwide.

In Broadcast magazine's Top Ten Most Used UK Distributors survey in March 2008, Outright Distribution was placed 7th.

Outright Distribution became part of the Shed Media Group in September 2006. On 5 August 2010, Warner Bros. Television secured a 55.75% stake in Shed Media.[1] Warner Bros. completed its acquisition of a majority stake in Shed Media on 14 October.[2] Under the deal, Shed Media will remain an independent company but Outright Distribution would be folded into the Warner's UK operation.


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