Ovzon AB is a broadband telecommunications company that offers mobile communication services via satellite. Ovzon has offices in Stockholm in Sweden and Florida in the United States.[1]


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Ovzon was founded in 2006.

Ovzon-3 satellite

Ovzon-3 Launch

Ovzon planned to procure and launch its own communications satellite Ovzon-3 with a mass of 1500 kg,[2] which was announced on 16 October 2018.[3] The original launch contract was attributed to SpaceX for a Falcon Heavy mission no earlier than the fourth quarter of 2020. The satellite would have been delivered directly into geostationary orbit.[4]

Ovzon announced 23 August 2019 that it had ended its agreement with SpaceX and would instead launch Ovzon-3 on an Arianespace Ariane 5 ECA launch vehicle in 2021.[5]

Delays in satellite manufacturing led Ovzon to shift the launch back to SpaceX as the Ariane 5 approached its retirement.[2] Ovzon-3 was launched on a Falcon 9 Block 5 on 3 January 2024.[6] It is the first commercial satellite with Roll Out Solar Array that were deployed on 10 January 2024.[7][8]


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