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Oye bonita
Inspired byDiomedez Diaz
Story byArleth Castillo
Directed byWilliams González and Katalina Hernandez
Country of originColombia
Original languageSpanish
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes170
Production companyColombiana de Televisión
Original release
NetworkCaracol Televisión
ReleaseOctober 27, 2008 (2008-10-27)

Oye bonita (Hey Beautiful) is a Colombian telenovela produced by Colombiana de Televisión for Caracol Televisión.[1] It was directed by Williams Gonzalez and Katalina Hernandez.[2] Oye bonita had good ratings during its airing.[3]

Oye bonita stars Karoll Márquez and Diana Hoyos in the lead roles;[4] Nicolás Nocetti and Alejandro Palacio (in his acting debut) feature among the cast.[2] The story is musicalized with the vallenato musical genre[5] and its main theme revolves around disgruntled love.[2]


The story mainly revolves around Monchi Maestri, an aspiring musician in his 20s, loosely written after Diomedes Diaz, minus the negative events of his life.[6][1] He lives in the El Carrizal town and falls in love with Diana Lacouture despite their families having a conflicted background.[7] Monchi's family, the Maestres, was exiled from its home due to the influence of the Isazas, a powerful family in the Caribbean region of Colombia, and of a close associate and Diana's father, Antoine Lacouture, who regrets having taken the lands of the Maestres.

Monchi and Diana Lacouture fall in love, only for it to be revealed that Diana was to be engaged to Fito (Nicolás Nocetti), an ambitious Argentinian who seeks to marry her for his own obscure intentions.


Oye bonita was produced by Colombiana de TV.[8] Preproduction lasted five years.[9] Shooting began on July 14, 2008 and ended on November 20, 2009. The show's premiere was on October 27, 2008.

The script for Oye bonita was written by Arleth Castillo.[2]

The main location of the telenovela was Girardot,[3] though other locations in Tolima and Caribbean region were also used.[1]



The main song of Oye Bonita, is the eponymous work interpreted by Karoll Márquez.[6]

Awards and nominations

Oye bonita received nominations for the TVyNovelas Awards Colombia.

Tv y Novelas awards Colombia

Year Category Nomination Result
2009 Best Telenovela Oye bonita Nominated
2009 Best Telenovela/Series music theme Oye bonita Won
2009 Breakthrough actor Beto Villa Jr Nominated
2009 Breakthrough actress Diana Santamaría Nominated

India Catalina Awards

Year Category Nomination Result
2009 Best Telenovela Oye bonita Nominated
2009 Best soundtrack Oye bonita Won
2009 Best original screenplay of Telenovela Oye bonita Nominated
2009 Breakthrough actor Beto Villa Jr Nominated
2009 Breakthrough actress Diana Santamaria Nominated


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