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Pabarsa, also known as Baparsa or Pawarsa is a sub-urban village near Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Agriculture & Technology University, Modipuram (Meerut) having population of 2500 inhabitants. It is located at approximation of 750 meters from Main University Campus. Urban centre (Modipuram) of Meerut metropolitan city & Daurala nagar panchayat of Meerut district are very near to village approx 3.5 Kilometres in south east & north east directions respectively.

It is 2.8 kilometres (1.7 mi) away from National Highway 58 , popularly known as Delhi Dehradun highway. It is also very close to under construction "Modipuram depot station" of Delhi Meerut RRTS ( Rapid metro). Agriculture is main occupations of villagers , especially farming of Sugar cane , Wheat, Rice & Potato. Village population have dominance of Jat community (Panwar & Puniya gotra) along with other caste Saini, Dalit, Prjapati, Gadaria, Kahaar, Balmiki & other Hindu castes in low proportions. Jat-Panwars here are the descendants of Royal maulaheri Panwar Dynasty.