Pacific Association
of Professional Baseball Clubs
Inaugural season2013
No. of teams2
CountryUnited States
San Rafael Pacifics
Most titlesSan Rafael Pacifics (4)

The Pacific Association of Professional Baseball Clubs was an independent baseball league based in Northern California. The league was founded in 2013 by four former North American League teams.[1]


During the initial season, two Hawaii-based teams, the Hawaii Stars and the Maui Warriors, played inter-league games against the Baseball Challenge League of Japan; California teams played against the Freedom Pro League of Arizona.[2]

Both Hawaii teams, the Stars and the Warriors, ceased operations after playing the 2013 season citing high travel costs of bringing in opponents from Northern California.[3] The East Bay Lumberjacks also did not return for a second season.

Two expansion clubs were added in 2014 (Sonoma Stompers and Pittsburg Mettle) bringing the total number of teams to four.

In 2017 San Francisco businessman and entrepreneur Jonathan Stone was named league commissioner.[4]

Expansion came again in 2018 with the addition of Martinez Clippers and Napa Silverados.[5][6] This brought the league to an all-time high of six member clubs.

Before the 2019 season the league lost two teams, Martinez and Pittsburg, which both folded. Salina Stockade were added to the league for 2019 as a travel team.[7]

Prior to the 2020 season, San Rafael left the league for the Pecos League. California Dogecoin was listed as an expansion team on the league website, but after the season was postponed by the COVID-19 pandemic were removed without having played a game. The 2020 season was officially cancelled on July 17, 2020. Later, the California Dogecoin formed the Liberation Professional Baseball League.[8]

Sonoma Stompers announced in October 2021 their intentions to join the California Collegiate League for 2022.[9]

With no new news from the league's website and social media after the 2020 season cancellation, it is believed that the league has indeed folded.

Final Teams

Team First Season City Stadium Capacity
Napa Silverados 2018 Napa, California Miner Family Field 600
Vallejo Admirals 2013 Vallejo, California Wilson Park 500[10]

Former teams

Location of teams in the Pacific Association

League timeline

Salina Stockade (baseball)Martinez ClippersNapa SilveradosPittsburgh DiamondsSonoma StompersEast Bay LumberjacksVallejo AdmiralsSan Rafael PacificsNa Koa Ikaika MauiHawaii Stars

League members Former Team


Season 1st Half Winner 2nd Half Winner League Champion Playoff Game Result
2013 Na Koa Ikaika Maui San Rafael Pacifics Na Koa Ikaika Maui 6–1
2014 San Rafael Pacifics San Rafael Pacifics San Rafael Pacifics[14] none
2015 Sonoma Stompers San Rafael Pacifics San Rafael Pacifics 4–3[15]
2016 Sonoma Stompers Sonoma Stompers Sonoma Stompers none
2017 Sonoma Stompers Vallejo Admirals Vallejo Admirals 11–8[16]
Regular season winner Record Playoff Champion Playoff Result
2018 Sonoma Stompers 57-23 San Rafael Pacifics 6–0[17]
2019 Sonoma Stompers 45-19 San Rafael Pacifics 2-1 (best of three)[18]


Season League MVP Pitcher of the Year Reliever of the Year Rookie of the Year Manager of the Year Executive of the Year
2014 Jayce Ray, Sonoma Patrick Conroy, San Rafael Collin Allen, San Rafael Jordan Hinshaw, Vallejo Garry Templeton II, Vallejo none
2015 Matt Chavez, San Rafael Max Beatty, San Rafael Sean Conroy, Sonoma Mark Hurley, Sonoma Aaron Miles, Pittsburg Mike Shaprio, San Rafael
2016 Joel Carranza, Sonoma[19] Patrick Conroy, San Rafael[20] JR Bunda, San Rafael[21] Marquis Hutchinson, Vallejo[22] Takashi Miyoshi, Sonoma[19] Theo Fightmaster, Sonoma
2017 Tillman Pugh, Vallejo [23] Tyler Garkow, Sonoma [24] Sammy Gervacio, Vallejo [25] Michael Rizzitello, San Rafael[25] PJ Phillips, Vallejo / Takashi Miyoshi, Sonoma [26] Kevin Reilly, Vallejo
2018 Javion Randle, San Rafael Jared Koenig, San Rafael Jacob Cox, Sonoma Kenny Meimerstorf, Sonoma Zack Pace, Sonoma Brett Creamer, Sonoma
2019 Raúl Navarro, San Rafael Dakota Freese, Vallejo Jailen Peguero, San Rafael / Ryan Richardson, Sonoma Zane Gelphman, Salina/San Rafael Zack Pace, Sonoma Brett Creamer, Sonoma


Max Beatty, San Rafael Pacifics - Chicago White Sox[27]

Jordan Brink, Pittsburg Diamonds - Milwaukee Brewers

Matt Chavez, San Rafael Pacifics - San Diego Padres[28]

V.J. Collins, San Rafael Pacifics - Tampa Bay Rays

Kida De La Cruz, Vallejo Admirals - Los Angeles Angels

Logan Gillaspie, Sonoma Stompers - Baltimore Orioles

Tim Holmes, Vallejo Admirals - New York Yankees[29]

Dondrei Hubbard, Sonoma Stompers - San Diego Padres

Joe Jones, Martinez Clippers - Arizona Diamondbacks

Jared Koenig, San Rafael Pacifics - Oakland Athletics

John LaRossa, Vallejo Admirals - Milwaukee Brewers

Seth Lintz, Vallejo Admirals - Texas Rangers Baseball

Troy Marks, Vallejo Admirals - Arizona Diamondbacks

Chris Mazza, San Rafael Pacifics - New York Mets

Brian McKenna, Vallejo Admirals - Miami Marlins[30]

Chaz Meadows, Sonoma Stompers - Arizona Diamondbacks

Deivy Mendez, Napa Silverados - Pittsburgh Pirates

Jalen Miller, Vallejo Admirals - Baltimore Orioles

Jayce Ray, Sonoma Stompers - Boston Red Sox[31]

Santos Salvidar, Sonoma Stompers - Milwaukee Brewers[32]

Darian Sanford, Vallejo Admirals - Washington Nationals

Dylan Stoops, Sonoma Stompers - San Diego Padres

Nathan Tomaszewski, Vallejo Admirals - Pittsburgh Pirates[33]

Frank Valentino, Vallejo Admirals - New York Mets

Cole Watts, Sonoma Stompers - Kansas City Royals[34]


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