Pacific East Mall
Tàipíngyáng dōng mǎěr
The main entrance to the mall
LocationRichmond, California, United States
Coordinates37°53′56″N 122°18′26″W / 37.89885°N 122.3072°W / 37.89885; -122.3072Coordinates: 37°53′56″N 122°18′26″W / 37.89885°N 122.3072°W / 37.89885; -122.3072
Opening date1998 (1998)
DeveloperPacific Infinity Co. Inc.
OwnerRegency Centers Corporation
No. of stores and services52[1]
No. of anchor tenants1
No. of floors2

Pacific East Mall is an Asian mall in Richmond, California. It is owned by Pacific Infinity Company Incorporated.[2][3]


The mall opened in 1998 in Richmond's Richmond Annex neighborhood,[4] directly adjacent to the borders of El Cerrito and Albany, at a former Breuner's location. The commercial center's largest tenant is a 99 Ranch Supermarket, and the rest of the mall is flanked by shops, restaurants, boutiques, and services such as tax and beauty, owned and operated by Asians, particularly Taiwanese, Japanese, and Korean. The Asian Pearl Seafood Restaurant is popular amongst family diners.[5]

The mall is located along Pierce Street a frontage road that runs parallel to Interstate 80, near Interstate 580.[6] The nearest major junction is at Central Avenue, allowing access to the two freeways and to San Pablo Avenue.[6] AC Transit line 80 serves stops along both Pierce Street and Central Avenue, near the mall.[7]

Cerrito Creek

Cerrito Creek lies adjacent to Pacific East Mall, and runs through a portion of the parking lot. The president of Friends of Five Creeks, a local environmental organization, has criticized the mall management for allegedly allowing herbicide to spread into the creek area, mowing areas containing native plants, and failing to establish a remediation plan.[8]


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