Native toLaos, Vietnam
Native speakers
32,000 (2002–2005)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3pac

The Pacoh language is a member of the Katuic language group, a part of the Eastern [1] Mon–Khmer linguistic branch. Most Pacoh speakers live in central Laos and central Vietnam.[2] Pacoh is undergoing substantial change, influenced by the Vietnamese.[3]

Alternative names are Paco, Pokoh, Bo River Van Kieu. Its dialects are Pahi (Ba-Hi). They are officially classified by the Vietnamese government as Ta'Oi (Tà Ôi) people.


Vowels (Sidwell 2003):

Pacoh has six vowel qualities, all of which occur long and short, in modal and creaky voice. Creaky vowels are lowered compared to modally voiced vowels. There are three diphthongs which also occur modal and creaky. Unlike other languages in the area, vowel phonation does not seem to have originated in the phonation of preceding consonants.

front central back
High modal i iː ɨ ɨː u uː
Low modal e eː ə əː o oː
High creaky ḛ ḛː ə̰ ə̰ː o̰ o̰ː
Low creaky ɛ̰ ɛ̰ː a̰ a̰ː ɔ̰ ɔ̰ː
front central back
Modal ɨə
Creaky ḛa ə̰a o̰a


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